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SKM with recent diversification into Chicken processing has set up a state of the art ultramodern semi – automated chicken processing unit with the capacity of 2000 live broiler birds per hour and 1200 Metric tons of processed finished poultry meat per month in frozen and chilled forms at Palani Taluk, Near Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, India.(Formerly Known as VKS Farms Private Limited, Which was taken over by SKM group) The Chicken Products are launched in the domestic Markets with the brand name “PORNA CHICKEN”.   We also proposed to export the Chicken products to various international markets.

Quality assurance
Technology & Strength
Hygienic & food Safety
Ready to Cook, Easy & Convenience

Our ready to Cook, Easy & Convenience range of Products:

Whole Chicken Skin on & Skinless all size ranges.
Whole Chicken Skin on & Skinless all size ranges.
Boneless breast , Boneless legs & Minced Meat.
Drumstick with skin & Skinless.
Whole leg with skin & skinless.
Curry cut with skin & skinless.
Shawarma , Wings & lollipop.
Skin, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Neck, Bones, Carcass, Janatha, Trimmings.
All the above products are available in 2 kgs packs.


  1. Special Breed especially developed for PORNA brand.
  2. Reared under Bio –secured poultry house sheds in moderate climate.
  3. Reared under strict veterinary supervision.
  4. Free from antibiotics residues and not treated with prohibited substances.
  5. Fed with health corn diet scientifically balanced nutrients.
  6. Young tender birds of 35 – 45 days age.
  7. Fresh, Tender, Delicious & wholesome meat quality.
  8. Processed under strict quality control and veterinarian supervision.
  9. Processed under good hygienic condition and in ultramodern semi – automated process plant
  10. Processed in HACCP implemented facility and quality assurance programmes
  11. Free from pathogens and all the bacterial counts are within the permissible limits
  12. Free from bird flu and zoonatic diseases
  13. Packed conveniently to carry with food grade material and to protect extern contamination
  14. Longer shelf life , no wastage

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/// Quality Assurance

The Chicken grown under bio secured farms are selected as per the size requirement and the live broiler chicken slaughtered as per the HALAL methods by Muslim religion personnel.

The slaughtered chickens are cleaned to remove non – edible parts and chilled as per the requirement to ensure the wholesomeness and freshness in the meat also to control the microbiological activities in the meat, then graded as per the size and packing done in food grade polythene bags to prevent external contamination and to handle easily. Ante – Mortem and Post – Mortem inspection done by the qualified veterinarian batch wise to ensure the quality of the meat in every stages.

In process and Finished Product meat sample taken periodically on random basis batch wise to ensure the PORNA Chicken meat are free from Pathogen and all other microbes are within the permissible limits.

Implemented HACCP manufacturing practices makes the brand PORNA CHICKEN as Fresh, Tender, Delicious.

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